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Connecting worldwide community to make Japanese friends and sharing  information about Japanese Food & how to make it, culture, language, sightseeing spots, OTAKU culture, Games, etc… We will share the information that will make you fall in love with Japan.

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We will make videos to show you the Japanese delicious food, language, culture, unique and traditional experiences, “OTAKU” culture and more. Hope you enjoy to watch our videos and learn about Japan.

Have fun!!

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Japanese info Blog
Planning Events
Tour Guide
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Getting more people to be interested in Japan
Helping you to make friends easily
Connecting you to a worldwide community
Helping you to break the language barrier
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Yu Okuda
Miyo Okuda
Alex Green Hamphreys
Kayoko Ichikawa 

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[急増中] なぜ多くの外国人観光客が急激に日本に訪れるようになったのか?理由や実態を徹底解説!

もう多くの方は気づいていると思いますが、現在日本には多くの外国人観光客・移住者が訪れてきています。 観光だけでなく移住や就労目的の外国人も急激に増え、お店や企業を見てればそれに対応すべく動き出していますよね。 ではなぜこ […]


初めまして、僕たちはTOCC JAPAN(トックジャパン)と言います。   TOCCとはホーム画面にもある通り、 TOMODACHI CONNCTING COMMUNITY これらの頭文字を取って、TOCCと名 […]

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